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History of the Red Dragon in Wales

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The origins of the red dragon are not known for sure but have been linked to various events in history and legend.Legend has it that Merlin the wizard made a prophecy of a long fight between a red dragon and a white dragon. In the legend the white dragon would be dominant until eventually the red dragon would beat the white dragon and end up victorious. The white dragon is said to symbolize the Saxons, while the red dragon is said to symbolize the Celts. This battle between the red and white dragons is believed to represent the conflict between the Celts and invading Saxons of the 5th and 6th centuries.

The earliest mention of the red dragon is In the Mabinogion, which is a collection of Welsh manuscripts that date back to the 11th Century. The red dragon was officially recognized as the Welsh national flag in 1959 and remains a national symbol today.

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