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Doctor Who

Discover the Doctor in Wales

Our capital city of Cardiff acts as the stage for BBC's award-winning sci-fi series -- Doctor Who. Check out all the themed sites below and start planning your Whovian adventure to Wales.


The Doctor Who Experience

doctor who

Go on an interactive adventure with the Doctor -- you'll get to fly the TARDIS and encounter Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans. After your journey, check out the extensive collection of props, artifacts and costumes from the series.

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Doctor Who Bus Tour or Walking Tour

Millennium StadiumVisit notable Doctor Who and Torchwood locations around Cardiff on a day trip with Brit Movie Tours. Whether by foot or by bus you'll delight in all the fan-favorite sites around the city. 

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VIP Doctor Who Tour

Millennium centre

Take a private tour around Cardiff with a Doctor Who expert as your guide on a VIP package from Brit Movie Tours.

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TARDIS Studio Tour doctorwho 

Visit the current TARDIS set at BBC's studio in Wales.  

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Cardiff Bay

cardiff bay

You can find the Torchwood headquarters from the first two seasons - also known as the Hub - beneath Roald Dahl Plass in Cardiff Bay. Don't forget to take a photo in front of the Water Tower across from the Wales Millennium Centre -- this is the ‘secret entrance’ to Torchwood’s HQ.

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Locations outside of Cardiff



The sandy shores of Southerndown act as Bad Wolf Bay where the Doctor and Rose part ways in the episode Doomsday.   

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Caerphilly Castle

caerphilly castleScenes from the episode The End of Time were filmed in this medieval castle. In this episode the tenth Doctor prepares to battle his enemy - The Master.

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Chepstow Castle

chepstow castleLook out for Chepstow Castle in the 50th Anniversary special of Doctor Who.

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The National Botanic Gardens of Wales

National Botanic Gardens of WalesThe National Botanic Gardens were featured in the episode titled, Waters of Mars. In the episode, The Great Glasshouse acted as the bio-dome used by Captain Adelaide Brooke and her team.

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Find even more itinerary suggestions here, and be sure to check out the Doctor Who film locations map.